Thermal Printer BLE Protocol reverse engineering

30. Apr 2021

Reverse Engineering of the chinese iPrint app in order to talk to a Thermal Printer through Python over Bluetooth Low Energy


Reverse Engineering the Surface Book 2's proprietary IOCTL commands

30. Jul 2020

Detaching the Surface Book 2's screen using C++ and the Windows API

Getting a home-made OS running on a STM32MP1 based development board

24. Jul 2020

A low level analysis of how a STM32MP1 board loads its bootloaders and sets up peripherals found on the PCB. Road to a custom OS.

Boot Process of the GCW0, RG350 and similar devices

05. Jun 2020

A low level explaination of how the boot process on devices running OpenDingux, like the GCW0 or the RG350, looks like.

ImGui Game Overlays using DLL injection

19. Apr 2020

How to make a DLL injector tool and using it inject a DLL which draw an ImGui overlay in a game by hooking OpenGL calls